Schmitz, L. Dora

L. Dora Schmitz an Ernst Haeckel, London, 15. September 1911

12 Leamington Road.Villas


London W

September 15th 1911

Lieber und hoch verehrter Freund,

I do not know how to thank you for sending me so kind a reply to my inquiry about your poor injured hip. Truly I have often & often thought of you during the summer & grieved to think how long you had to keep indoors. I thank you warmly for your goodness in writing yourself, & rejoice to think that you are about to have a change of air & scene by a visit to Baden Baden. ||

I wish most sincerely that you may derive much benefit from your stay there. I was having a little tour in Bonnie Scotland & found your welcome letter awaiting me on my return to Kirkbuddo. Now we are once more at home here in London, which looked dry & parched like the rest of the country. Last night, at last, came the much wished for rain & all things are rejoicing in renewed life. The Haeckel-Huldigungsfahrt to Jena from the Hamburg || Monisten Congress, I had not heard of, but am greatly interested, & only wish I could have been of the party, & thus given some visible sign of my deep reverence & affection for the hero of the day! I hope the festivities did not prove too tiring for you, & that you were able to enjoy meeting your many friends & admirers.

With heartiest thanks for your letter & best wishes

Ever gratefully & sincerely yours

L. Dora Schmitz



Besitzende Institution
EHA Jena
EHA Jena, A 17661