Watts, Charles A.

Charles A. Watts (The Rationalist Press Association) an Ernst Haeckel, London, 29. Juni 1911

The Rationalist Press Association,


Secretary: Charles E. HOOPER

Assistant Secretary: Miss D. Davidson

Registered Offices: Nos. 5 & 6, Johnson’s Court,

Fleet Street, London, E. C.

June 29th, 1911.

Dear Professor Haeckel,

Now that all hope had gone that you will ever visit England again, I venture to invite you once more, with all the persuasion at my command, to contribute a paper to the forthcoming issue of the „R. P. A. Annual”. What we should most value would be some of your reminiscences –incidents in your long and magnificient life which would have special interests to Rationalists. It might be a kind of farewell message, in which you recall some of your keenest experiences.

You could write in either German or English. If in German, Mr. McCabe would translate it.

I suggest that the length of the paper should be 5,000 words. On receipt of the MS. (which should reach me by the end of August at latest) I would send you £10-10-0 as a small acknowledgement of your services.

Now, my dear Professor Haeckel, don’t this time disappoint us by refusal, but pray make a special effort to delight tens of thousands of warm admirers in this country.

Hoping that you are now quite recovered from your recent accident,

Yours always,

Charles A. Watts.


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