Watts, Charles A.

Charles A. Watts (The Rationalist Press Association) an Ernst Haeckel, London, 17. Juni 1911

The Rationalist Press Association,


Secretary: Charles E. HOOPER

Assistant Secretary: Miss D. Davidson

Registered Offices: Nos. 5 & 6, Johnson’s Court,

Fleet Street, London, E. C.

17th, June. 1911.

Dear Professor Haeckel,

We are all delighted to hear that you are making such splendid progress, and sincerely trust that the convalescence will continue.

As regards the Monistic Congress, we will consider whether it is practicable for Mr. McCabe and myself to attend. To me it would be most gratifying to spend even a short time with you.

We have sold in this country about 130,000 copies of the „Riddle of the Universe”. I am afraid that there is not much hope of our surpassing your magnificent sales.

In accordance with your request, we are sending you two copies of our latest Library edition of the „Evolution of Man”. I regret to say that the reception of this new edition has been rather disappointing, up to now less than one thousand copies have been disposed of.

With fraternal greetings, and renewed hope for your continued recovery,

Faithfully yours,

Charles A. Watts.


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