Watts, Charles A...

Charles A. Watts (The Literary Guide) an Ernst Haeckel, London, 29. Juni 1900

The Literary Guide

and Rationalist Review.

(Established 1885.)

17, Johnson’s Court,

Fleet Street, London, E.C.

June 29th 1900

Dear Sir,

I shall be obliged if you will read my (enclosed) programme for the forthcoming issue of the Agnostic Annual. I am greatly desirous that you should contribute a paper (say, from three to five pages, or 1000 to 2500 words) to the section in which I have ventured to include your name. The honorarium would be a guinea a page, & I should like the MS. by the 15th of September.

May I beg of you to make a special effort to accede to my request? My aim, as you probably know, is to assist, in so far as I am able, in popularising cultivated liberal thought, & a contribution from your pen, even if brief, would || be invaluable in enabling me achieve my object.

Faithfully yours,

Charles A. Watts.

Professor Ernst Haeckel


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