Watts, Charles A.

Charles A. Watts (The Rationalist Press Association) an Ernst Haeckel, London, 2. Februar 1900

The Rationalist Presss Association,


Registered Office –

17, Johnson’s Court, Fleet St., London, E. C.

February 2nd, 1900a

Dear Sir,

Miss Schmitz saw me after you wrote to her in reference to translating your latest work, and we talked the matter over. She now writes that she is unable to undertake the translation, and trusts that I may be able to obtain the services of some one else do the work.

I mentioned the matter at our meeting of Directors last evening, and I am instructed to ascertain whether you would be agreeable to Mr McCabe undertaking the task. He is altogether a competent man. He is the author of Twelve Years in a Monastery, The || History of Modern Rationalism, The Religion of the Seventeenth Century, etc., etc. We would commission and remunerate him, and should hope to publish the translation in the early autumn. Should we publish, we would pay you half the profits of the publication.

Miss Schmitz speaks most highly of your book; and Mr. McCabe, who is reviewing it for the Literary Guide, believes that it will be accorded a very hearty reception in this country when presented in an English dress.

Faithfully yours

Charles A. Watts.

Professor Ernst Haeckel

a gestr.: 1899; eingef.: 1900


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