Watts, Charles A.

Charles A. Watts (The Literary Guide) an Ernst Haeckel, London, 3. Juli 1899

The Literary Guide

and Rationalist Review.

(Established 1885.)

17, Johnson’s Court,

Fleet Street, London, E.C.

July 3rd, 1899

Dear Sir,

I intend to publish in the Agnostic Annual for 1900 a series of papers on the subject of „The Future of Religion”, & I venture to ask you (as I am asking other gentlemen distinguished in Rationalist literary circles) to contribute one of the articles.

In order to secure some uniformity of treatment, I suggest the following points as suitable for exposition; but they need not, of course, all be dealt with – others may be substituted or added: –

(a) The future of orthodoxy: the probable manner of its decline.

(b) The future of theism: its tendency to displace orthodoxy, the capacity of theism for further philosophic refinements.

(c) The future of humanist forms of religion – i. e. philosophies of life & conduct which derives inspiration from the idealization of human faculties, achievements, & possibilities. ||

(d) An interesting side issue is the question whether one is justified in using the term „religion” to denote any disciplined moral enthusiasm which entirely ignores theology.

It would be convenient if your article extended to between 1000 & 1500 words; though, I need hardly say, a briefer or larger statement of your views would be very welcome. Should you consent, perhaps you would be good enough to send me your MS. before August 15th.

Believe me,

Faithfully yours,

Charles A. Watts.

Editor A.A. &c.

Professor Ernst Haeckel

Note. – Among previous contributors to the Agnostic Annual may be mentioned Prof. Huxley, Mr. Leslie Stephen, Prof. A. W. Momerie, Mrs. E. Lynn Linton, Prof. Goldwin Smith, Mr. Edward Clodd, the author of „Supernatural Religion”.


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