Watts, Charles A.

Charles A. Watts (Watts & Co.) an Ernst Haeckel, London, 20. Juli 1894

Watts & Co.,

General Printers

And Publishers.

17, Johnson’s Court,

Fleet Street, E. C.

London July 20th 1894.

Dear Sir,

I am arranging a Symposium for the forthcoming issue of „The Agnostic Annual”, on the all-important subject, „Why Live a Moral Life? – The Answer of Rationalism.” Many of the leading representatives of advanced thought will contribute, and I am deeply anxious that you should honour me with a brief statement of your views on the question. I have no wish to limit you as to space; but, if your engagements will not allow you to send me a lengthy answer, I shall || be well pleased with a reply not extending beyond an ordinary letter.

I am sending you a copy of the last issue of the „Annual”, in case you are not familiar with the publication. Among the contributors to past issues I may mention Professor Huxley, Mr. Leslie Stephen, Mrs. E. Lynn Linton, Mr. Samuel Laing, and Mr. Edward Clodd.

Faithfully yours

Charles A. Watts

Professor Ernst Haeckel

I should like the MS. by the end of August.


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