Watts, Charles A.

Charles A. Watts an Ernst Haeckel, London, 7. September 1883

5 Herne Hill Road,

Loughborough Junction S. E.

Sept. 7th ’83

Dear Sir,

I have undertaken to see through the press a publication entitled „The Agnostic Annual”, which is to serve as a text-book of modern thought and philosophical || research. As it is my desire to accurately represent the Agnostic position, I shall esteem it a special favour if you will oblige me by stating –

(1) Whether, in your opinion, Agnosticism is in accord with modern science;

(2) What is its special relation to popular theology; and |

(3) Whether you believe it is destined to supplant religious supernaturalism.

I make so bold as to appeal to you for your generous advice and assistance, because I am convinced that you are desirous of guiding and influencing the intellectual thought– of the nation, to which you have already || rendered such incalculable service.

Thanking you in anticipation,

I am, Dear Sir,

Obediently yours,

Charles A. Watts.

Herr Ernest-Haeckel.


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