Spencer, Herbert

Herbert Spencer an Ernst Haeckel, St. Leonards-on-Sea, 19. Dezember 1893

5 The Mount

St Leonards-on-Sea

Dec. 19, 1893.

Dear Prof Haeckel,

The inclosed will show you that there has been some delay in the reply from the editor of Nature. It did not reach me till last night.

I am away from home for a length of time and have not got the copy of your essay on „The Phylogeny of the Australian Fauna”, which you sent me, with me here. This being the case, the best plan will, || I think, be for youa to send a copy direct to the Editor of Nature, Mr Norman Lockyer.

As Nature has not usually space for very long articles I think it might be your best plan to mark those passages of the essay which contain its essential points, so as to facilitate the making of an abstract, if need be.

In a few days I hope to send you a „Rejoinder to Prof. Weismann” which will, I hope, go some || way towards settling the controversy.

I am,

Faithfully yours

Herbert Spencer


Sir Norman Lockyer (Nature) an Herbert Spencer, 15. Dezember 1873


Publishing Office

Bedford Street, Strand,


Dec. 15

Dear Mr. Herbert Spencer,

I am very glad to hear you are better & hope you will continue so. I have been down for a week or so with influenza & I recommend you to give it a wide berth.

I have inquired about Haeckels paper & find we have not read it. If you will ask him to send us a copy I will see what can be || done towards carrying out his suggestion.

I retain his letter.

Yours very sincerely

Norman Lockyer

a eingef.: for you


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