Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Lodge) an Ernst Haeckel, 10. April 1903

Registered Telegraphic Address.

Challenger. Edinburgh.

Challenger Lodge,



10 April 1903.

My dear Haeckel

I have been away in the Highlands a very great deal this spring and only last week was I able to examine the packet of books which you have been so good as to send me through our friend Rottenburg. ||

You are evidently as active as ever and I’ve no doubt we will still have many more writings from your pen.

I am very delighted to hear that your wife is now restored to good health. My best remembrances and congratulations to her. ||

It will give me much pleasure to see her in good health when I next am able to visit Jena.

I am occupied with investigations in the Scottish fresh-water lakes, and I travel about a great deal in a motor-car, which suits me very well! When will you come a motor trip in Scotland?

My family are || all very well at present, and my children are getting so big that they commence to direct me.

You must not believe all the stories you see in the papers about Xmas. Island. We have made very little money as yet, except what has been spent on the Island. It has been pay out, but we hope to make some money in the future

Yours sincerely

John Murray.



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EHA Jena
EHA Jena, A 25139