Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Patterdale, 25. Juni 1881


Glenrhydding House

Patterdale, Penrith

June 25 1881

My dear Häckel,

I received a letter 2 days ago from Mr. Rottenburg of Glasgow, telling me of your scheme, which seems to me an excellent one & I most heartily hope may be carried out. You will see that I am away from home, but shall return home on July 3d. As soon as I heard of your scheme, I wrote to || Huxley, who as Sec.y of the R. Soc.y would have much influence aboutb the Grantc. Some year or two ago I expressed to several persons my opinion that a part of the Grant could not be better used than in aiding Biologists with some special purpose to visit any distant country; so you may believe that I would aid you in any way in my power. – I fear || (but do not know) that all the Grants have been distributed for the current year. – I do not know anything about the funds of the British Assocn, but fear that they are not large. If these sources of supply fail, will you forgive me for proposing to subscribe ₤ 100, in aid of your undertaking for the sake of Science? If you would accept my offer, it would give me very great pleasure. – ||

I wanted rest & a change, for I feel very old, so we have been staying in this most beautiful country for 3 weeks. I have done nothing all this time but admire the scenery & read the newspapers! With all good wishes believe me,

My dear Häckel

Yours very sincerely

Charles Darwin

a gestr.: DOWN, | BECKENHAM, KENT. | RAILWAY STATION | ORPINGTON. S. E. R.; b korr. aus: in; c korr. aus: grant



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